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Introducing the BodyTrac!
Our revolutionary at-home pain relieving traction device is here!


"Stress leaving my neck right now!"
So relaxed!
Awesome I have all the control I need
I don't feel the pain anymore
Definitely have more range of motion
I feel awesome!
Not like other forms of traction
feels like my neck can actually move
We are proud to present the BodyTrac System

Do you have pain?

Do you want to get relief in the comfort of your own home?

Do you want to potentially save money on future costs of therapy, pain medication, or even surgery? 

The BodyTrac is the world's first home therapy traction System designed for back, neck, and knee pain relief from the comfort of your own bed! 

Our founder, Dr. Brian Melancon DPT, a doctor of physical therapy, has over 17 years of physical therapy experience working with patients ranging from all walks of life. Dr. Brian designed the BodyTrac to relieve his own pain and is now bringing his patent-pending system to the masses.

The BodyTrac product launch is now here! We are currently assembling our first run of products for the VIPs that have already reserved their BodyTrac. These will be shipping soon. We are accepting pre-orders now for the second production run. Thank you so much for the overwhelming support!